View of Hammersmith, West London

Well here I am waking up in London on Saturday morning... and writing in English: But anyhow I have a pleasant looking forecast for here rather than a grey then rain one for Marseille.

Once I had cleared security yesterday at Gatwick, I saw on the screens that British Airways had announced a delay of 1hr 55m for the flight to Marseille; if the delay goes over two hours then a load of Air Users Council compensation stuff kicks in, like refreshments and some other rights. When BA called on the public address speakers for us to collect vouchers for refreshments then I knew they realised it would be more than two hours late and I cancelled and one of their very nice ladies escorted me back to the UK through immigration and customs to the UK. I'll get the paperwork going on Monday for a refund.

I was intending to enjoy that Bach Prom concert and some organ from Maassluis, Holland yesterday on the plane. In the event I chose and listened to an old and heroic EMI recording of Mozart's Requiem Mass K626 on headphones and then the Ave Verum Corpus K618 from Kings, Cambridge, again an excellent EMI recording from the seventies. Perhaps my subconscious was mourning a dream?

I'm pretty sure those flights yesterday were supposed to be "reward" flights (I booked using the email address I reserve for that) and in which case it's even more ironic that what BA had intended as a "reward" turned in to a big disappointment, another frustration with British Airways as they are just now.

Yet there won't have been many people on the flight who were using it just for the weekend so most would have just gone with the delay and been very uncomplaining and British about it. Anyhow I'll be back there in a couple of weeks on the trains (which can be delayed also), the weather turns out to be better here than it would have been in Marseille so much that I had already cancelled the motorbike club outing which I had been arranging for today...

So that's why there is no postcard from Marseille this weekend.