Euston to Keswick by train

Journey from Euston railway station in London to Keswick railway station in Cumbria. A dawn departure from Euston with the first stop after crossing the Manchester Ship Canal at Warrington. A freight train (mostly containers from one supermarket) let the express pass at Penrith, where I changed. “Every little helps”.
Unfortunately the last passenger train to and from Keswick railway station departed on Saturday 4th March 1972, so I have missed it by nearly fifty years. It’s now only a bus service from the West Coast main line at Penrith to Keswick.
That’s a journey of about 315 miles, about 505 km; the train is faster and less tiring than driving, and less risky.
The early start meant I had a few hours of daylight to enjoy my garden and the lovely autumn colours.

You see great views from the train that you’ll never see any other way, but the windows have a softening effect on photography and the motion distorts, so I’ve made a montage in the style of postcard rather than feature individual images.