Postcard of my photos of Menton on the French Riviera

We're relaxing on our hotel room balcony after dinner in an Italian family restaurant, watching the lights on the Mediterranean here at Menton. 21 degrees at 2230 hrs... but it has been a bit chilly during the daytime.

We're staying in the part of Menton named Garavan, near Katherine Mansfield's villa, it's just by the station in my postcard. The trains run through to Nice via the station of Monte Carlo in Monaco: the station is completely underground, to not use valuable building land.

Menton had a light shower yesterday lunchtime but that only pushed the temperature down to 19 or so. The strange thing is that the air is cool but the sun very strong. Today is clear sky and strong sunshine but still only reading 22 degrees.

There's a garden near by here which claims to have never been below 5 degrees since 1905 and we've visited a garden and art gallery today with a big grove of orange, lemon, kumquat, lime and grapefruit trees fruiting nicely. Very fragrant.

We're limited to the trains and buses: we have ideas of walking along the coast path from Monte Carlo, go there by train and comeback on foot. We met up with a couple of friends from AMA this afternoon in nearby Beaulieu.

The top left photo shows the view from our balcony, where I am doing my physiotherapy every morning. Fine views of the old town and the motor-bikers en route to and from Italy. Menton used to be a key town on the way to Italy but now it's more or less by-passed by the high level motorway and tunnels.