Launches on Derwent Water, Keswick

Vale of Keswick, Cumbria

Summer sunshine in Keswick in the Lake District, Cumbria.

Flower display at Hope Park, Keswick

Bikers at Keswick's biker cafe

Sunset over Keswick, Cumbria

Summer sunshine in Keswick. Tourists thronging to embark the launches on Derwent Water. The Vale of Keswick luxuriating in greens after the summer heat and the following rains, the bracken just beginning to turn brown either side of the path up Grizedale Pike. Slabs of floral colour in Hope Park garden. Bikers at the Filling Station cafe, this was the last Friday afternoon in August and it was great riding weather: at least one pair of bikers were out enjoying the sunshine on on a POETS basis.
Keswick sunsets are not the most colourful but the line of the surrounding fells is distinctive. Then hearing owls calling in Castlehead woods by twilight.