Postcard from Evesham: Wood Norton, the River Avon and Evesham Abbey tower

Winter morning sunshine at Evesham, the country town on the banks of the river Avon (the same Avon that runs through Stratford). Evesham Abbey bell tower gleaming in the light, it's still hung with bells: we heard the peals when the campanologists were rehearsing the previous evening. Evesham abbey once housed some of the remains of Simon de Montford. His forces were routed in 1254 A.D. following the Battle of Lewes, both major battles of the Second Barons War.

Evesham abbey was ruined in the dissolution of the monasteries of the 16th century. A similar fate maybe awaits Wood Norton Hall, now vacated by the BBC (the technical faciliies remain on another part of the site).

More treasured is The Walker Hall, a classic timber-framed and jettied medieval building on one side of Evesham Market Square.