Cumbria Contrasts postcard - Easter 2012

Easter weekend based in Kendal, Cumbria. Contrasts between Victorian Westmorland and the realities of twenty-first century Cumbria. The high fells of the Pennines and beach at Bootle on the West Cumbria coastline, typical of West Coast beaches anywhere but particularly reminiscent to me of the bleak isolation of Haast Beach on the south island of New Zealand. Daffodils on grass verges almost everywhere - I wonder who plants them. Yes no lakes in my postcard: Cumbria, the agglomeration in the eighties of Cumberland and Westmorland, is more than the Lake District.

Competitive campanology on Easter Sunday between bell ringers at two of the churches added a pleasing soundscape to the landscape as I wandered among the castle ruins and the singing birds on Kendal castle hill.