Dawn in Cardiff

What is Cardiff, the capital city of Wales? No particular image comes to mind, there’s the red dragon of the Welsh flag, the looming bowl of the rugby stadium laced with steel struts or maybe the other Millennium initiative, the waterfront of the redeveloped docks. Neither of those are particularly Cardiff nor uniquely Welsh. But I wouldn’t have expected to wake up in city centre Cardiff to find myself seeing eyeballing other bleary wakers across a concrete canyon in their corresponding concrete boxes high up in the vertical city. So this is Cardiff city centre, place of designer bars and boutique restaurants. The pale light of October dawn peeking through the concrete towers, no red dragons flying in the sky, not even a flag.
Breakfast with Duncan of the BBC, a fine start for my car trip to Cumbria; a treat in the autumn sunshine, a section crossing northwards up the western side of the UK. The colours of the trees progressing from glorious early autumn in Cardiff and Monmouthshire to full golden autumn in Lancaster and Kendal. Finally arriving to a warm and still sunny welcome at Mike’s in Keswick after 285 miles on the road.
Next day, a fine Lake District hike round Ennerdale