I'm lucky enough to travel a lot but I also aim to understand a place in some depth. So I like to find out about the local history, sociology, wildlife and local arts. I prepare for a trip by looking up photos of the famous sights, they're usually a good guide both about the local visual interest and also a warning of what has already been done or over-done.
I try to use the tools of modern photojournalism and photography to communicate how I feel about a place. You’ll see that I have used Portrait, Street, Interior, Historical, Abstract, Landscape, Historical, Wildlife, Phone-camera and Selfie genres at different times for specific effects.

Ponta do Pargo, Madeira

Our flight back from Funchal, Madeira, was cancelled due to fog at Gatwick so (after rebooking) we have enjoyed an excursion to Ponta do Pargo; we hiked from the viewpoint, past the lighthouse, the optical navigation aid, to see the radio tower that performs the same function for aeronautical navigation. It’s the westernmost point of the island of Madeira but not quite the most westerly point that counts as Europe, that’s in the Azores. Nonetheless there’s a lot of the Atlantic between here and Charleston, South Carolina, roughly the same latitude on the eastern seaboard of the United States.

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Sunset over Funchal Lido, Madeira

Last sunset of the BSGS field trip to Madeira. This view is from the Lido at Funchal. We've been lucky with the weather and have seen a lot of Geology.
Big thanks to the organisers and trip leader..

See also Baía de Camara de Lobos, Montado do Paredão, Ilheus da Rib, Cartoon character moment, In the land of dykes and sills, “One Day More”

Madeira - Ilheus da Rib

Just offshore from Ribeira da Janela, Porto Moniz, on the north shore of Madeira and away from the usual tourist hotels, there are dramatic volcanic rock formations swathed by the Atlantic Ocean surf. “Ilheus da Rib” seems the accepted translation to English. The waves here are direct from the ocean, the reef having disappeared during one of Madeira island’s several volcanic episodes - unlike the Hawaiian islands, the volcanism at Madeira is recurrent.

Baía de Camara de Lobos, Madeira

A glimpse of relatively authentic Madeira: a marine joiner working on a wooden hull in the port in the Baía de Camara de Lobos, a few kilometres round the Via Expresso from the concrete reconstruction of the main town of Funchal following the disastrous storms of 2010. Local legend has it that Winston Churchill much enjoyed this town and its pretty harbour.

Halls Quality Bakers in Cirencester

Church of St. John the Baptist, Cirencester

Great to enjoy my lunch from one of the few independent English bakers still producing good traditional English bread, cakes and confectionery. Just down a side street off Market Square and the Church of St. John the Baptist, Halls Quality Bakers in Cirencester turns out an excellent Chelsea Bun, hand-formed from a tasty sweet dough, spicy and with just the right amount of fruit... I know artisan bakers who sell Chelsea Buns in Shepherds Bush but I believe Chelsea Buns are now actually extinct in Chelsea!

Update from a reader: Stop off at St. George's bakery in Staunton they make lovely Chelsea buns!

Other suggestions welcome!

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