I'm lucky enough to travel a lot but I also aim to understand a place in some depth. So I like to find out about the local history, sociology, wildlife and local arts. I prepare for a trip by looking up photos of the famous sights, they're usually a good guide both about the local visual interest and also a warning of what has already been done or over-done.
I try to use the tools of modern photojournalism and photography to communicate how I feel about a place. You’ll see that I have used Portrait, Street, Interior, Historical, Abstract, Landscape, Historical, Wildlife, Phone-camera and Selfie genres at different times for specific effects.

Keswick sunset

Sunset over Grizedale Pike in the English Lake District, viewed from Keswick. Time to set off home after a day trip from London. Sunset is only this far round in winter so Keswick isn't generally known for picturesque sunsets..

Dawn at Menton Veille Ville

Menton Old Town at dawn.

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Menton veille ville

Harley parked under a lemon tree in fruit

Menton, the “Pearl of France”.

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Farm in the snow

Vineyards in the snow near Macon

Whiteout on our trip from Lille to Marseille. Attractive, but not our usual view of farms in the Morvan, Charolais (the Upper Loire and Saône), the forests around Le Creusot or the vineyards of Macon. Colour photographs of monochrome scenes.

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Southwark cathedral and The Shard

Three views of London from the south bank of the Thames: Southwark cathedral (1839 AD) and its new neighbour, The Shard; the raucous me-first towers of the City of London thrusting ever upwards as a messy group, and the oldest of them all, the White Tower, the bastion built on the orders of William the Conqueror in 1078 AD, the Tower of London.

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