I'm lucky enough to travel a lot but I also aim to understand a place in some depth. So I like to find out about the local history, sociology, wildlife and local arts. I prepare for a trip by looking up photos of the famous sights, they're usually a good guide both about the local visual interest and also a warning of what has already been done or over-done.
I try to use the tools of modern photojournalism and photography to communicate how I feel about a place. You’ll see that I have used Portrait, Street, Interior, Historical, Abstract, Landscape, Historical, Wildlife, Phone-camera and Selfie genres at different times for specific effects.

Cows on the Assynt coastal road

Assynt coastal road

Quinag viewed from the Assynt coastal road

Driving round the fabulous Assynt coastal road on the peninsular between Lochinver to Kylesku.

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Loch Seaforth, North Harris

Bikers at the pass above Loch Seaforth, North Harris, Outer Hebrides

Life is good - at Hushinish, North Harris, Outer Hebrides

Fantastic roads and brilliant beaches on North Harris, Outer Hebrides.

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Atlantic sunset, Borve, Isle of Lewis

Silver sand dunes, Miaghaig, Isle of Lewis

Silver sand beach, Miaghaig, Isle of Lewis

Dunes and silver sand beaches at the end of the road along the west side of the Isle of Lewis.

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On the beach at Durness, NW Scotland

Smoo Bay, Durness, Highlands, Scotland

Loch More, Highlands

Clear blue sky in Durness after breakfast; and wildlife everywhere: rabbits on the lawns, migrating birds and local sparrows feasting on feeders. The feast of topography is immediately apparent, the vertical cliffs and sandy beaches.

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Dawness dawn, Highlands, Scotland

Dawness sunrise, Highlands, Scotland

Dawn in Durness, at the most north-westerly point on the UK main road network.

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