I'm lucky enough to travel a lot but I also aim to understand a place in some depth. So I like to find out about the local history, sociology, wildlife and local arts. I prepare for a trip by looking up photos of the famous sights, they're usually a good guide both about the local visual interest and also a warning of what has already been done or over-done.
I try to use the tools of modern photojournalism and photography to communicate how I feel about a place. You’ll see that I have used Portrait, Street, Interior, Historical, Abstract, Landscape, Historical, Wildlife, Phone-camera and Selfie genres at different times for specific effects.

Red mud of Devon

Green hills of Devon

You know you’re in the Devon hills when... the mud is red and plentiful and the fields are a patchwork of greens.

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Clear view over Serre de Agua, Madeira

Levada at Fontes Ruivas, Madeira

Another hike, a levada and eating limpets on my last night in Funchal.

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Funchal suburbs, Madeira

Funchal promenade, Madeira

Old Madeira meets modern Madeira in this set of my photoa of the island’s capital, Funchal.

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Cloud forest rainbow, Madeira

 Porto Moriz surf

Cloud forest, surf beaches, rocky cliffs and swimming in the Atlantic: photos of my day exploring the south-west and west of Madeira.

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Funchal sunset

View from Cabo Girao, Madeira

Sunset at Funchal, Madeira at the end of my day which started with a minicab journey to Gatwick before dawn amid the freezing frost. The flight was efficient and even landed early. So far so good.

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