Views of Tahiti, French Polynesia

Last island! Tomorrow it's the airport at Papeete for the long trip North,..

Today started fine bright and dry and the pictures I made seem to have captured the luminosity of the light over the lagoon. The rainbow was Wednesday (first day here) the dawn is today.

But it hasn't lasted. I got to the Gauguin museum, which is just poorly resourced as the one in Atuona but it's in a brilliant location on the water front at Papeari. It didn't take long to see it all but then I didn't feel like paying £6 or so for the botanical gardens opposite, which are closer to the road, the only road. The museum garden is on the waterfront and was nice and tranquil. Terry's bear Lucien and I enjoyed an hour there just watching the light on the sea and the storm approaching from the little island, Taiarapu. Same weather story as yesterday but more violent.

I stopped off at a restaurant and had just started on their signature dish of Maui Maui in vanilla sauce with baked/grilled salmon when the storm arrived. First violent winds then violent rain. As we were eating outside it was quite exciting, until the storm got so violent that the rain was coming under the canopies. We the diners relocated but unfortunately the meal was spoilt.