Views of Hatiheu, Nuku Hiva, Marqueasas, French Polynesia 

Hatiheu is a tranquil village at the end of a fairly difficult dirt road over a pretty pass (Teavaitapuhiva Pass, 490m) with a gastronomic restaurant with a couple of bungalows. Yesterday the restaurant had a couple of Commune of Nuku Hika trucks parked outside. Presumably they returned back over the pass after lunch... Lucien and I enjoyed a deliciously sweet windfall mango and a big grapefruit from the tree at the hotel - grapefruit here are large and sweet.

The Hikokua archaeological site has been restored, including a pit in front of the performance area for the disposal of taboo objects and also the rock which is described as being used for initiation rites associated with puberty... there are also pits presumed used for the disposal of sacrifices, including human sacrifices.