Eleven rubber bands

Eleven rubber bands

Experimental photography of rubber bands found on the street

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Maurice “Jim” Stewart oak tree on Clapham Common, London

Maurice “Jim” Stewart oak tree on Clapham Common, London

I’m happy to report that Maurice’s oak tree is thriving on Clapham Common. It had suffered storm damage a few years ago but now looks to be in good leaf and developing the classic oak tree profile; it’s grown to more than 6m. height and the main trunk is well over 10cm. diameter.
This oak tree was planted as a memorial to our friend who passed away in 2012, aged 79 years. I was honoured to be one of those invited to the tree planting, having known Maurice as a friend and mentor since 1980, when he was based in Fitzwilliam Road, Clapham.

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Strawberries and Clotted Cream from Cornwall

English Strawberries with Cornish Clotted Cream in the garden means summer has arrived. So English.

Sunset over the Thames at Hammersmith Bridge, London

Sunset over a swan and some geese on the River Thames at Hammersmith Bridge, London. A high tide on this the last day of May. Lots of people out enjoying the show, having a good time whilst respecting the distancing guidelines.

Swans and cygnets, Wimbledon Common

Coots and chicks, Wimbledon Common

Cygnets, baby coots, rowers, canoeists and even the Thames Clipper out on the water around Putney and Wimbledon

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