Emirates Airbus A380-842 A6-EVG

The big planes are back over London: Airbus A380-842 A6-EVG

Emirates Airbus A380-842 A6-EVG

Four-engined jets used to be a commonplace sight here in Hammersmith, West London. Now the B747s are mostly retired and most of the A380s are having a long holiday in a desert in Spain.
So it was a surprise to see and hear Emirates flying this graceful monster again today over my neighbourhood and on down to London Heathrow airport. The A380 is quiet before it passes over but you get to hear a full roar for a short time afterwards. Four engines do usually sound quieter than two in my experience here, but any plane this close overhead sounds loud, especially if you are trying to sleep.

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Burrator, Dartmoor National Park, Devon


River Avon, Gara Bridge, Devon


Changes - a photographic essay and reflections from Dartmoor and South Devon

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 Western Road, Brighton

Brighton Beach

Back in Brighton as the lockdown loosens

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Television Centre, London W12

Television Centre (1960) - central courtyard

Television Centre, London W12

Television Centre (1960) - Stage Door

A walk around the classic buildings of Wood Lane, London W12

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Sawyers Hill, Richmond Park, SW London

Sawyers Hill, Richmond Park, SW London

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