Brighton street art, Sept 2020

Brighton street art, Sept 2020

It’s been a good summer for Brighton’s street artists: everywhere I look there is fresh new paint and humour: colour, curves and creativity brightening up drab, square inner-city spaces, parkings filled with grey cars or alleyways of bins and boxes.

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Flying through the cloud layer and into the stratosphere

Above it all, the jet plane breaking though the clouds for a glimpse of the Infinite, leaving Earth’s troubles for a few moments.
We passengers in this metal tube, our fragile feet ten kilometres above the earth, still bound by Earth’s gravity.
Some scared, some bored or angry but so few impressed with the wonder of air flight.
This is here, this is now, whatever we do is for us.

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Rorschach type patterns - 6


Rorschach type patterns - 2


Rorschach test type patterns - see in them what you will

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Paddington Bear statue in Leicester Square, London

Bugs Bunny statue in Leicester Square, London

Subversive sculptures in Leicester Square in London’s West End; subversive because of the locations, these bronzes are anywhere but on plinths

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