St. Pauls from Richmond Park

The famous view of the St. Pauls and the City of London from Richmond Park. This line of sight is protected both by the foresters of the Royal Park and the planning authorities. Photographing it this afternoon I have tried for a classic painterly landscape “look”, the highlight on St. Pauls is serendipitous and the colours of the woods as they are, no filters; it would be possible to paint out the gate and the skyscaper but so far I have chosen not to. The story of the view is that King Henry VIII was looking to see a rocket fired from the Tower of London along this sightline, the signal would indicate that Anne Boleyn had been executed for treason.

Thanks to Joe for pointing out that King Henry was watching in 1536, before the Fire of London (1666) and before construction started on this St. Pauls (1675).