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I use photography to show something about where I’ve been or people whom I’ve met. As well as trying to see the beauty in a scene or situation, I’m also trying to convey ideas and feelings. My photography is about me and what I do, who I meet and where I go. All my photography tries to contemporary and creative. I’m resistant to being fitted in to a taxonomy by categorisation such as “travel” or  “conceptual” or “nature”. All image-making is political simply by the act of selection and hence exclusion but I am not campaigning for any particular point of view, except to try to see the positives and to live life to the full.

I use 645, 35mm and DX formats plus a handy little digital compact that shoots RAW files. I’ve experimented with non-lens photography - do ask!

I first worked in a monochrome/silver wet darkroom at age 7, helping my Father with scientific prints; I’ve used colour negative materials since age 21 and digital since 2005. I use Photoshop (Adobe) and Photopaint (Corel).

Koi carp feeding frenzy - tasterMy photo gallery of Koi carp ornamental fish in a feeeding frenzy

Alps: the first days of summer tasterSwiss, Italian and French Alps: my photos of mountains, glaciers and waterfalls in the first fresh days of summer

The Grand Canyon of the Verdon, Provence tasterThe Grand Canyon of the Verdon, Provence - my spring photo hike along the Sentier Blanc-Martel

The Big Beasts of Richmond Park tasterThe Big Beasts of Richmond Park - my midwinter photo safari

Le Bol d'Or 2015 tasterLe Bol d'Or 2015 - my photo gallery of the Bol d'Or 2015 motorbike racing festival - Burning Man for bikers

Quartier des Créatives tasterQuartier des Créatives - my photo gallery of night photos of Marseille

Flowers in the City taster“I am here, I'm alive, I'm a conscious being in the urban cage”- my photo gallery of glorious urban flowers in Marseille

The Kingdom of Blanc and White tasterThe Kingdom of Black and White: my photo gallery of the volcanoes of the Auvergne under snow

Order and disorder tasterEntropy: my photo gallery of fishing boats in Brighton Marina at a dawn just after Christmas.

Bikes at Rasteau tasterGallery of my photos of motorbikes parked overnight at our club’s annual general meeting.

Dystopia taster

Gallery of my photos of a vision of a post-apocalyptic dystopia from the lac de Castillon of the river Verdon in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence.

Click graphic for La rentrée gallery

Gallery of my photos of Marseille on the 1st September 2014, la rentrée scolaire, the day the French return to work after the summer holidays.


Roofs of Marseille

Marseille, that vast sprawling Mediterranean port of uncertain reputation even since Phoenician times, has roofs of many kinds. At its origins, Marseille is the archetypical Provence town composed of a number of villages built in a valley surrounding a fine natural harbour, but it has grown to be a city so vast that when viewed from the fortress church of Notre Dame de la Garde, the city sprawls to the horizon.

The roofs of Marseille show, in three dimensions, how the city architects have solved the age old problem of shelter. They are also showcase of the beauty of Marseille.

Here are views of the Panier and Vauban villages of Marseille.

Picture postcard from a chilly Sunday in royal Richmond Park in London – fauna ranging from the speedy cyclists to the regal deer. Dogs taking their owners for a run and seasonal runners upping their fitness in preparation for the London Marathon. Lots of interesting couples...

Views of Brighton

Brighton can be colourful even in January. The Lanes have browsers and buskers; skaters are enjoying the winter ice rink on the lawn in front of the Royal Pavillion.

It's even warm enough to sit outside for a latte! Stalls in the the farmers' market are offering produce direct from the farm with flowers or plants from the nurseries. Right next door, one of the tattoo and piercing shops is open for business.

Views of the river Thames between Hammersmith Bridge and Putney Bridge, London

I've taken delivery of a new camera so I took it for a walk along the river Thames tow path on the first day in London with clear skies this year. Here are rowers, runners and dog walkers between Hammersmith Bridge and Putney Bridge and in Bishops Park, Fulham,

Read more: Thames Walk - January 2011

Mountains in Provence

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