JH hiking above the Col du Granon

Hiking camera-in-hand to enjoy the stunning views and wildlife from the part-sealed Col du Granon (2413 m.) the Col de l’Oule (2548 m.)

Biker on 
the road to the Col du Granon

Biker on the road to the Col du Granon

More photos: Col du Granon, 2413 m. & Col de l'Oule 2548 m.

Mère-église - Dévoluy

GR93 - Dévoluy

Hiking a section of the GR93, the Plateau de Dévoluy.

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Lac du Lauzon,Valgaudemar

Cirque de Gioberney, Valgaudemar

Hiking from Gioberney, Valgaudemar

Hiking the Cirque de Gioberney and the Lac du Lauzon in the Valgaudemar of the Écrins.

More photos: Lac du Lauzon: Valgaudemar

Pic des Aupillous, Valgaudemar

Glacier de la Condamine - Valgaudemar

 Second hike from Gioberney: views of the Glacier de la Condamine underneath the Pic des Aupillous (3505 m.).

More photos: Glacier de la Condamine - Valgaudemar

Derwent Watre from Bleaberry Fell

Scfell and Green Gable seen from Bleaberry Fell

Views from Castlerigg Fell, above Derwent Water and Keswick.

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