Lac du Lauzon,Valgaudemar

Cirque de Gioberney, Valgaudemar

Hiking from Gioberney, Valgaudemar

Hiking the Cirque de Gioberney and the Lac du Lauzon in the Valgaudemar of the Écrins.

Cirque de Gioberney, Valgaudemar

Lac du Lauzon, Valgaudemar

Dragonfly and fish, Lac du Lauzon, Valgaudemar

Cricket, Lac du Lauzon, Valgaudemar


Hike from the Chalet-Hôtel du Gioberney up to the Lac du Lauzon (2008 m.) surrounded by the glaciers and waterfalls of the Cirque de Gioberney and numerous Pics and glaciers of the Ecrins. The Lac du Lauzon has plenty of wildlife, insects and small fish. This is the Valgaudemar valley in the Parc National des Écrins. Finally, a painterly view of the Valgaudemar.