Schneeberg from Kleine Kanzl, Hohe Wand

Sunset from BA0705 returning to Vienna to London Heathrow

A clear day to return to Kleine Kanzel (1092 m.) in the Hohe Wand naturpark for another hike to enjoy the late morning views of Schneeberg (2076 m.), the easternmost Alp of more than 2000 metres altitude. Wide variety of fresh greens in the Wiener Wald forest with scarcely a sign of human habitation. The wildlife is good too: we heard many wild birds and saw, close to, a chamois, browsing in the forest. Once aware of us, the chamois ran off over the rocky precipices. Then a real fresh Wienerschitzel with a mixed salad, leaves over a base of cucumber and dill salad, fresh sauerkraut, potato salad and grated carrots; coffee and final sachertorte before the trip to Vienna airport.
The timing and routing of the flight home to London made the sunset last most of the flight before the decent to London through the thick clouds.

View from the same place but much later in the day so against the sun: Hohe Wand