Postcard from Grizedale Pike and Grasmoor

Another big hike in the Lake District: I had an early start yesterday and got up Grizedale Pike from Whinlatter. That's a serious straight climb for more than an hour solid. Bimbled around a bit at Grizedale Pike waiting to see what the weather would do: just dark clouds, no rain so I went on to Grasmoor, which overlooks Crummock Water and Buttermere, where we were on Saturday.

I came back via Grizedale Pike, I had planned to drop down to pick up a bus but I reckoned that, having got to Grasmoor, I couldn't comfortably make the 1503 bus at Lanthwaite farm.

Nice touch: I saw an oldish lady with a white stick and an assistance dog walking the low level tracks in the forest as I walked in to the trailhead. I think she and the dog were enjoying the cool morning air and sounds and smells.

That was a big hike, about 750m up and 750m down. There's a significant descent and reclimb between Grizedale Pike and Grasmoor.

So I'm hiked out for the moment. Whatever the weather, I won't be hiking today. There are a couple of fronts on their way as well for Wed & Thursday.