We’ve been hiking parts of the GR4 around the Grand Canyon of the Verdon in the Low Alps (Alpes de Haut Provence). The weather has just changed from spring storms to early summer sunshine; that’s clear blue skies first thing, then clouds increasing towards lunchtime building to maybe a very slight sprinkle of rain late afternoon. Then clearing again for the evening. All local weather and not at all as shown on the forecasts!

High up above the canyon the scrub vegetation is full of fragrant herbs in flower with wide views of the canyon and the Verdon river far below. Off to the East the the low Alps and to the West is the lake of Stainte Croix, part of the extensive management and hydroelectric scheme of the river Verdon. Happily, the middle part of the canyon was not dammed and flooded as originally planned.

The GR4, running from Pont Saint Esprit to Grasse takes a gentle route along the side of the canyon and seems to follow a historic route from the Rhone to the Mediterranean presumably used by ecclesiastical and pilgrim travellers.