Giro dell Diavolo, Orecchiella

Giro dell Diavolo, Orecchiella

Alpi Apuae, Garfagnana


Hiking the border path between Toscane and Modena in the Orecchiella mountains, above the Garfagnana.

More photos: San Pellegrino dell’Alpe & Alpicella della Radici (1682 m.)

Melt water in the river Séveraisse in the Valgaudemar valley of the Écrins

Waterfall, Valgaudemar valley, Écrins

Melt water time hike to see the glaciers and waterfalls in the Valgaudemar valley in the Écrins.

More photos: Valgaudemar

Réserve Naturelle du Haut Béranger - Valjouffrey, Écrins

Réserve Naturelle du Haut Béranger - Valjouffrey, Écrins

Hike to the cirque at the end of the Valjouffrey valley in the Écrins

More photos: Valjouffrey

View to L'Obiou and the Dévoluy at Le Gargas, Écrins

View to L'Obiou (2790 m.) and the Dévoluy.

View to the Valjouffrey across across Col de l'Éterpat

View to the Valjouffrey and the peaks and glaciers of the Écrins across across the Col de l'Éterpat (2050 m.)

More photos: Le Gargas, 2208 m.

Ouse Valley viaduct

Bricks of the Ouse Valley viaduct

My spring bimble from Balcombe to Haywards Heath via the valley of the Sussex Ouse, with its famous railway viaduct on the London to Brighton mainline.

Read more: Ouse Valley, Sussex High Weald

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