Daffodils outside the NEC

Difficult to get enthusiastic about the physical exterior of the NEC, the national exhibition centre conveniently located in the centre of the UK and so accessible by rail and car without too much difficulty. Nor really much to enthuse over at The Photography Show 2017 inside Hall 5. Some talks about techniques, motivational speakers and many gadgets and hardware. There are stands of the makers of prints and then the exhibitions of finished prints which have been laboured over by fellow photographers. It seems a pity that so little attention is given to them but images have become cheap, not just in cost to produce.
Was it worth the day trip outside the M25? Yes I flashed my card a couple of times in response to some juicy discounts but it's the chats with people that have been the value in my trip, chats with suppliers, face to face meetings with a couple of friends and serendipitous browsing which has maybe stimulated some ideas to move my photography forwards.