Gay Photographers Network - patterns

GPN London’s first film festival featured a wide variety of art film styles taking us on a journey starting from Davids’ showering movie, heckled with shouts of “watch out for Norman” (as in Bates, see “Psycho”), clearly his GoPro is actually waterproof.
Matt’s fetishistic detail shots of leather and skinhead boots in slow motion.
Kam’s short film for “Drinks of London” featuring detail shots from London’s South Bank lovingly depth layered and edited very tight and punchy.
WA’s “Alchemist”, portraying a highly symbolic initiation with implied chems, between a tattooed man and a smooth-skinned athlete; intimate and erotic but not overtly sexual.
Jon’s deconstruction of the static and dynamic form and textures of body skin and surfaces using hard video keying.
And finally a segment of Stephen’s documentary work-in-progress about his childhood upheaval when his family uprooted from Ireland, a searing experience to which many gay people may relate.

I’ve not mentioned every contribution and, particularly with my background in broadcast television, a couple seemed edited a bit loose and/or unfocussed in intent overall. There was no particular “winner” declared but Kam’s short film seemed to get a lot of applause. A worthwhile new addition to the thriving Gay Photographers Network diary.

Patterns was the topic for GPN’s regular friendly photo competition. Well over a dozen contributions on paper and on screen. Mine as above - was the most topical, an image of one of the group tonight, but didn’t get many votes. The winner was Nicholas’ beautiful image of a grille. Thanks to Sokari for posing and Michele for helping develop the idea for my photo.
Next month’s topic is Dark.