There was more heavy rain in Brighton on Sunday morning plus lots of wind. We went to Maurice (of Fetters) in Rotttingdean who has a flat directly overlooking the Channel, which was doing its impersonation of the north Atlantic.

But the storm had passed over by early afternoon and I was able to see some of the photographs on show from at the Brighton Photo Fringe. You might find it of interest to see on line though you miss the impact of the physical prints and the discomfort of the cold wet display locations: the links are on my page at Brighton Photography links

I came away with mixed impressions, some positive (like seeing real photo prints rather than inkjet prints) but an awful lot of what was on display there leaves me cold. Either I'm not getting something or the Emperor has no clothes.

Anyhow it's all new information and food for thought so it was worthwhile,

There's a parallel with the audio stuff, the memory that has remained with me is not of  he dozens of political images stapled on walls in an otherwise disused department store, more some finely crafted black and white prints of photographs of the South Downs which are the record of some student's forays up there. Analogue and finely crafted rather than digital and disposable. The images themselves are not all that memorable but the care and work that went in to them is clearly apparent, the quality of the image is appealing and the result both memorable and has a beauty. Now how do I get to do that...