Back from Marseille after a great weekend biking with Tony from Bristol as pillion on my RR. We went to Castellane and a couple of the mountain passes and several spectacular gorges in Haut-Provence and the Alpes Maritimes around Nice. And back first thing yesterday morning along the spectacular Grand Canyon of the Verdon.

But the return flight was delayed by FIVE HOURS due to a British Airways technical fault, which really wrecked the return. Had to get a taxi from Victoria as the tubes had all closed so back in my house in the early hours. Tony wlll have been much later back in to Bristol on an overnight National Express.

It was a great weekend anyhow: clear blue skies, warm afternoons but cool evenings, drivers OK on the roads and fantastic food outside at Sybil's in Cours Julien in Marseille and in the garden of the nice Auberge in Castellane.
John and Tony biking in the Alpes of Haut Provence