Pas d’Ouillier, Cap Canaille

Cap Canaille, Cassis

Playtime on two wheels after our hiking and car trip to the Écrins. Sportsbike in the sunshine, roads clear and the sun not too hot. This time the Pas d’Ouillier, 340 m., a real play road with convenient roundabouts at each end, three runs on that, then another three on the Route des Crêtes, the 15km cliff road with some interesting twists and turns over Cap Canaille between Cassis and La Ciotat, just to the east of Marseille.

 Villa at La Ciotat

Parked up for a coffee on the beach front near a fine villa at La Ciotat and got talking with a touring cyclist from New Zealand who’d seen me passing him several times up on the Route des Crêtes.