Memories and photos of the GLME Ascension camp 2015 organised by AMA

Great to meet again many biker friends of long-standing for the GLME Ascension camp 2015. More than 160 bikers converged on Ascension day for a long weekend in a hotel near to the village of Gilette, some 5km up from the river Var in the Alpes Maritimes just above Nice and Monte Carlo.

Our club - AMA - proposed a selection of four bike runs with careful organisation dispatching small groups of bikers for a couple of days exploring roads of the area, returning for an entertainment, a good meal and that miracle of French holiday catering: red and rosé wine freely available on tap during dinner!
To my mind that was one of the really good bike camps; there weren't any injuries during the organised runs, the location worked well and the runs were interesting; the organisation was good and the weather was kind.