"Biker" for me usually means motorbiking, though I also have a Marin mountain-bike...

My current motorbikes are a CBR600RR and a CBR600RW, both from Honda.

Previously I have owned: Honda VF750F, Yamaha FJ600, Suzuki GSX750EX, Yamaha FJ750, Yamaha XJ900, Kawasaki Z750 and I passed my riding test on my Kawasaki KH250.

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1938 Brough Superior SS80 DeLuxe

Indian motorcycle cyclinder block

Not the largest motorbike show in the UK, taking just one of the ExCel’s four halls this year, but with plenty of bike art on display. There’s a current fashion for retro styling of new bikes, so including numerous restored “classic” bikes on the stands fits well. This makes an opportunity to explore the visual aspects of motorcycle engineering over the years from a 1938 Brough Superior model SS80, similar to that owned by TE Lawrence, through the first 1970s Kawasaki models to the latest production Suzuki GSXR.

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Col de l’Espigoulier (723 m.)

After Monday’s Whiteout, time to taste again the tender charms of sportsbike riding in Provence. My old friend, the road to the Col de l’Espigoulier (723 m.), as twisty for a rider as it is to the tongue. Riding under a clear blue sky with a Mistral seemingly direct from the Arctic so  tyres treacherously cold and nowhere near the rev or lean limits this early in the season. But a fun ride out nonetheless, good to feel again a lean and a pull and maybe even a bit of late braking fear once more.

“Through the wind, through the rain, the snow, the wind, the rain... to taste your tender charms again”
Drive all night, Bruce Springsteen.

GSXR parked despite multiple prohibtions

GSXR riders have a reputation for disregard of authority but even so, as the rider of this GSXR600 parks his bike with such “don’t care” attitude to parking prohibitions, I wonder just how radical his riding style is. Perhaps the way his bike’s provocatively near the red and white barriers, which look like race track edge paint, are a further hint of his yearnings,
But... this is a picture where you have to look the other way to understand the whole story. The GSXR is parked opposite a kitchen, the rider is one of the chefs and he’s parked so that he can keep an eye on his bike full time. Entirely understandable here in Central London, not far from Leicester Square.

Christmas Market in Marseille Vieux Port

Winter leathers on for a quick ride around Marseille in a moment of wan winter sunshine after the drizzle. Slippery cobbles around the Vieux Port but fun on the Corniche Kennedy with even a bit of respect from the scooter riders. I usually avoid Marseille Vieux Port on a bike because of the congestion but I wanted to check out the Marché de Noël (Christmas Market).



En route from Marseille to the Alps

I'm riding light for a week on the mountain roads of the Alps. No laptop, although I do have my SLR camera but photos will have to wait till I'm back in Marseille..

I left Marseille for a long ride north via the Col de la Croix Haute (1179 m.) to Saint-Gervais under Mont Blanc. A bit of rain towards the end of the day which cleaned the Provence dust off my white leathers and boots but didn't soak me through.

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