A Mercedes 280 SL at Putney Reach

Maybe it’s time to move on from motorbikes? Car roofs aren't always necessary, but if there’s no roof is it still a “tintop”? This one in dark blue isn’t the one of the bright colour schemes - blue, red or yellow - but hey maybe some of us prefer to be discreet, which leaves the full-on yellow for the tearaways in from the Chilterns, the Cotswolds and the Kent coast.

Ford Mustang at Chiswick Park

’fraid not upping my game quite yet; the rather stylish Mercedes 280 SL, built about 1970, was parked at Putney Reach on the shores of the Thames which the rowing clubs usually monopolise.

A photographer was there doing advertising shots and I asked her to snap me. Amazingly she was happy with that so hence the photo of me trying to look cool in hiking boots and cheap trackies, kit for my permitted exercise walk. And the yellow Ford Mustang was registered in Reading, so presumably the owner comes in to here in Chiswick from the Chilterns or the Cotswolds. (Reg plate changed slightly for security).

I’ll be back on my CBR600RR just as soon as I can reasonably get to it in Marseille.