about JohnH

Sorted, fit. Current activities are photography, hiking, motorbiking, trail biking, music, geology/geoscience, dinner-at-home, travel and more.


I live in London W14 which is "Hammersmith & Fulham"; Barons Court on the Piccadilly and District LInes, is my nearest station on the tube map.

I'm English and my cultural preference is for Europe rather than northern England; the languages don't worry me and transport from London across the Channel can be quicker and cheaper.

 I have a long-term best-mate, who lives in Brighton with his cute but very demanding teddy-bear Ursus Bear: Mi Home Page (page now working again after many requests)

If you want to contact me, please contact via existing ways or:


Here's my new web site - it's based on a blogging software platform so looks and feels completely different to the previous ones I've done. I've moved the menus to the left which I hope gets rid of the problems some of you have reported. I'd be interested to know what you think of it now.

If you adjust the width of the window in your browser the page will reformat to suit.

You can see more content and rate stories if you log in to the site - if you don't have a log in then you can join using the box on the left.

There's an email address to go with this websitesee the link on the About JohnH page or if you want to contact me please contact via existing ways.