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Christmas Card December 2012

Merry Christmas and All the Best for 2013 to you.

These have been some of the highlights of a full year:

My photo is of a display in Les Gournières, Réallon near Gap in the Alps d'Haut Provence, France

New Year... new look hikerbiker website.

As well as the new design, I've updated the Joomla system which runs this website. It's been an intricate migration, especially as I've tried not to change the urls of the existing pages.

The search box and Also links are now on the right hand side.

This update should have removed some of the funnies of the previous system as well as getting ready for a version for mobiles.

The pages should work in any modern browser but the pictures look best in Firefox and Safari because they handle the colours better.

Please let me know if you notice broken links or other problems.


Seasons Greetings 2011

St Andrews project milestone

Removal of the scaffolding from the new extension to St Andrews, Fulham Fields, London. Guess which is the new building...

The development has gone ahead despite a hullabaloo locally as the church is a listed building in a conservation area. The protests have resulted in significant mitigations in the design, particularly on the Greyhound Road side; hopefully the new facilities will help the St Andrews church maintain or improve relevance and connection with the neighbourhood as well as stabilise finances for the immediate future.

View from Buckingham Palace - my part in the Charles and Diana Royal Wedding, 1981

I saw the Charles and Diana Royal Wedding from the roof of Buckingham Palace. In one way the complete best place because we saw and heard the huge crowd below in The Mall, we saw the carriages go out and return and we saw the crowd surge when the barriers were relaxed.

However, during the actual service there were three of us crowded around the five-inch monochrome viewfinder of the television camera which I was minding: the cameraman, the rigger and myself. Sometime during the afternoon a couple of lads came up to see the crowd from our vantage point, we worked out later they were probably the Princes Andrew and Edward.

You can see our presence on photos of the Palace as little dots on the towers above the famous balcony. ITV’s camera was on the left-hand position. And my Mother almost certainly still has my passes from the day!

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