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Sorted, fit. Current activities are photography, hiking, motorbiking, trail biking, music, geology/geoscience, dinner-at-home, travel and more.

First day at UCL

Update: I withdrew from UCL at the end of the second week. I'm very disappointed but the course hasn't worked for me in many ways.

Freshly printed undergraduate pass in hand, my fresher selfie in the quad at University College London. This shot had to be a real selfie, ie taken myself with the camera held out at arm’s length. Note the brand new UCL hoodie too.

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Mason bees in my garden in Hammersmith

My mason bees pollinating apple tree blossom on my patio in Hammersmith, West London. Lime tree not yet in flower.

Mason Bees in their cocoons in my garden

The inside of the nesting box I have for solitary bees (Mason Bees, Osmia rufa) for my garden. They’re not hive bees, as in honey bees, but are good pollinators, hence my improved fruit crops last year. Each tube is a cocoon housing a hibernating bee, there are about a dozen more in the large release tube top left, to which I have added another twenty.

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2015 Christmas card

Merry Christmas and All the Best for 2016 to you.

Some of the highlights of a full year.

Fibre internet arrives at my apartement in Marseille

The future is here! This is how it looks like when a fibre internet connection finally arrives at your block. The fibre connection comes all the way in to the telecomms bay in the building, no last leg as coax or twisted pair, as in London. And Orange tells us about this technological marvel with a laser-printed note taped to the wall by our postboxes! Not that I will be subscribing any time soon, 4G suits my needs for now in Marseille.