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Marin Palisades Trail mountain bike

Riding my Marin Palisades Trail (1990s) to the one of the Fitness à l’air libre (outdoor gym) at Parc Balnéaire du Prado, the Prado Beach Park in Marseille. Muscle Beach, Santa Monica, California this one is not, and so much the better, but it’s good to do my regular stretching routine outdoors in the sea air and sunshine, away from the worst of the air pollution. No suspension at all on this vintage bike.
There’s another Fitness à l’air libre installation in Parc Borély nearby which is very much place for the big guys.

Keswick Cab 2

A paean to Keswick Cab 2 - Fibre broadband in the Lake District

So why not take a photo next to a fibre broadband box as much as next to a classical fountain? The new technology which defined the cities of the Roman Republic and Empire was water: aqueducts brought fresh running water to enliven the fountains and fill the cisterns of the rich. More modest households fetched their water from the communal spouts. Houses close to the water points were the more desirable and thus the more expensive.
Contemporary residential life is increasingly dependent on fast broadband for social, entertainment and administrative or business purposes. And this depends on the proximity to the broadband cabinet, which are, unfortunately, rather less than ubiquitous.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy and Heathy 2018

I've enjoyed a really good 2017. Here are some of the highlights:

And here's the cake Terry has baked for  Christmas cake 2017

White van man John

I’m basically a Two wheels Good - Four wheels Bad person but this weekend has been an exception, renting a white van was an exigent to bring back my share of the family heirlooms from my Mother’s bungalow in Gloucestershire. That was a Toyota Proace 1.6l, 6-speed panel white van, an interesting experience to drive: the ride is higher so the view is good. Pedals a bit heavy (would be fine wearing boots) and the steering a bit vague compared to a small car. The hand-brake is on the opposite hand to the gear stick and there’s no rear-view mirror in the centre of the windscreen. Flashy females driving posh 4WD Chelsea Tractors give way meekly and it really does turn out that white vans are nice to each other, making space and generally being polite on the road. Food for thought; a van like that would transport a sports motorbike, for example to a summercamp, and it wasn't so awful to drive and park either.


2016 Christmas card

Merry Christmas and All the Best for 2017 to you.

Some of the highlights of another full year.