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Birthday Picnic on the Cornwall Coast Path

Birthday Picnic on the Cornwall Coast Path

“Happy Umpteenth Birthday” the card said, so I guess that kind person makes me still a teenager. We hiked out from St. Ives along the South West Coast Path on the way to Lands End, we saw a dolphin down in one cove. We stopped for my birthday picnic around Cape Cornwall; perched on a rock with a view of a seal basking in the warmth of the surface water and the Atlantic, warmed by the Gulf Stream.

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Clifton College, Bristol

Clifton College, Bristol

Day out to Clifton College, Bristol, my first time back there for 45 years or so.

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Merry Christmas 2018 and Happy New Year 2019

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy and Heathy 2019

2018 was another really great year, living every moment. Here are some of my highlights:

and a set of great rides in the spring: Why I love riding in Provence - 2

Selfie at Television Centre in West London

Selfie at the famous spot at Television Centre in West London; this was after meeting for lunch with friends who are still working round there. Note the absence of East Tower. Weird to walk in straight off the street, no ID pass check or turnstile - the Commissionaires had long gone by the time I achieved a BBC staff pass.
The "Goons" patrolling wear different colours now that TVC is no longer owned by the BBC and no longer the hub of British television.The BBC sold the site but television is still made there; however only three studios have been refitted as well as some office space; most of the rest of the building is now residential, ie flats/apartments.
Far more of the site is now open to the public in a way it never was under the BBC; although  it is subject to the same rules for photographers as a shopping centre, so just a snatched selfie this time.

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NAS box and SATA drives

A new NAS box (Network Attached Storage) with a couple of big hard disk drives arrived today. These will enable me to retire my most recent Windows Server, various incarnations of which have been keeping my data and backups since 2005. I can now order (and afford) a single hard drive that is small enough to hold in my hand yet which promises to store my photos, documents and media. That’s now several terabytes; each terabyte is 1000 gigabytes. The AA size battery is an indication of scale, not needed for the system.

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